Stair treads

They can be made out of oak, cham, old oak beams, beech, walnut, ash or acacia. The stair treads are wedge-jointed, their thickness is between 20 mm and 40 mm, it is also possible to order them in other thicknesses, which can be imitated with the blend to make the stair tread look thicker. In addition to the stairs – we can also manufacture different types of railings, handrails and ledges.

1-st quality: no knots or sapwood, it is possible to have “eyes” with a diameter of 10 mm;

2-nd quality: small sturdy knots are allowed, no sapwood;

3-th quality: wood mastic covered knots and sapwood up to 10 % of the surface are allowed;

"MEBELLISS" is a synonym for a high quality, fair treatment and design execution!

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